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You used my music so I had to give you a 10 for sound :P Everything else was great too, really nice graphics, good lip sync and some really interesting zombie humor, "Get your ass over here! ... oh, that's very funny." Haha, this'll definitely get in the top five and thanks again for using my tunes in your flash ^_^

SardonicSamurai responds:

Lol, thanks for the complements, and thanks for the music as well. With what I see now, I don't think it'll make the top 5... It's my first flash, so I doubt it'll happen. If it does, I will probably buy a damn WACOM TABLET. lol


This resembled the anime Bleach a lot. The moster sorta looked like a Hollow, except without the master, and the girl had a sword, sorta like a Death God.

The panty scene was my favorite part ;P

Hah, this was neato.

I liked this one, it had humor =)

If you ever want me to check out a flash of yours then just email me (my email is in my account profile) or IM me on my AIM screen name (which is also in my account profile).

Don't start new threads in the Audio Forum just updating whenever you come out with a new flash or song, Denvish and the other Mods don't like that. Advertise your music in the Audio Advertisements thread and if you want people to check out your flash then post it up in the Audio Forum Lounge thread. Kay? Just giving ya some pointers for the next time. If you do either of those things I'd most likely see it, so you wouldn't have to email or IM me, just post in those threads in the Audio Forum.

Also, I'm not a flash artist, so I wouldn't be able to make any flash for my music, but you can always use any of my music in any of your flashes if you like, in the menu, credits, or where ever you want. =)

This gets a 5 from me man, keep flashing and keep audio'ing.

tricolor responds:

My man, DjKirizzle! Ight, i'll take that into account. I'll email u next time. I think my next flash might feature some of ur music.. so get siked.

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Woo, it was nutty alright!

I think the song would have had a smoother sounding transition from the intro to the first verse if you used the same drums samples to stutter in the front as you used as part of your main beat, get what I'm saying?

The main beat was very cliche sounding, it's like "we've all been there and heard that one before." Even the samples themselves sounded unusually familiar, it's not that damn Winstons' amen loop sliced with some FX put on top, is it? Technically speaking there isn't anything wrong with that, but if you listen to a DNB station you start to get really tired of that loop, and really fast.

Where's the bass man? Your description says you used a low 808 bass, and granted my laptop speakers can't handle low frequencies very well, I still barely heard anything of it. I think beefing up the bass would make this song a lot more enjoyable to listen to.

Mixing and sound quality are good, but then again when you only have drums, a barely audible bass, and some effects going here and there it isn't very hard to mix a track. I still want to hear a louder bass, or keep the bass as low as it is and let it work as a sub, then add another bass to your song to work as the lead, now that'd be really awesome.

Drum variety and effects work together nicely and really keep the piece going. I'm writing this review while listening to your song over a couple of times and it passes quite quickly for a song that's almost 5 minutes in length. It's true that sometimes your drums get really nutty, but it ain't so bad, it's not like it's completely incoherent or anything. I wouldn't take points off for it, is basically what I'm trying to say.

In conclusion, the song is pretty good, the only and major reason I'm not giving you a 10 out of 10 is because there is no lead bass line, and that's it really.

WizardSleeve responds:

thanks very much for the review, very much apreciated... the main beat, yeah its a processed amen that i've mashed together with another break... I can't remember which one without looking to be honest, oh yeah and the action snare too.

The bass... well its a big badass rumbling bass, that if you had a half decent sub or even som hifi speakers would be shaking the walls.. a friend over on nexus radio was playing it out and stuff started falling off his shelves

the drums are a little over stretched towards the end i think.. but i like variation, its all about a bit of drumfunk... so bored of the same shitty jump up stuff thats getting worse and worse, so i prefer to make drumfunk when making DNB these days.

I like the bit in the middle... it brings a smile to my face... thanks for the review though, glad you enjoyed it even though you couldn't hear the bass!


As a comparison to your "preview" version of this song you DID fill up more of the frequency spectrum. So the here the song does sound more "full" and "whole." This is good, remember to keep that canvas at least half full at all times! There is nothing else I can really comment about here, everything else was fine.


Being an audio producer is like being a painter. You have your paints and a whole blank canvas in front of you. Your job is to fill up as much of that canvas as possible with a pretty picture. I'd say you got the pretty picture part, the song was very clean and nicely mixed. But you filled up like... only a third of the canvas? Perhaps less. In the frequency spectrum of 20Hz to 20KHz you had lots of holes which just made the song sound "empty." That's the only and biggest error with this piece.



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