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The Necromancer The Necromancer

Rated 5 / 5 stars


You used my music so I had to give you a 10 for sound :P Everything else was great too, really nice graphics, good lip sync and some really interesting zombie humor, "Get your ass over here! ... oh, that's very funny." Haha, this'll definitely get in the top five and thanks again for using my tunes in your flash ^_^

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SardonicSamurai responds:

Lol, thanks for the complements, and thanks for the music as well. With what I see now, I don't think it'll make the top 5... It's my first flash, so I doubt it'll happen. If it does, I will probably buy a damn WACOM TABLET. lol

Demon Slayer's Diary Demon Slayer's Diary

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


This resembled the anime Bleach a lot. The moster sorta looked like a Hollow, except without the master, and the girl had a sword, sorta like a Death God.

The panty scene was my favorite part ;P

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Spitball Spitball

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Hah, this was neato.

I liked this one, it had humor =)

If you ever want me to check out a flash of yours then just email me (my email is in my account profile) or IM me on my AIM screen name (which is also in my account profile).

Don't start new threads in the Audio Forum just updating whenever you come out with a new flash or song, Denvish and the other Mods don't like that. Advertise your music in the Audio Advertisements thread and if you want people to check out your flash then post it up in the Audio Forum Lounge thread. Kay? Just giving ya some pointers for the next time. If you do either of those things I'd most likely see it, so you wouldn't have to email or IM me, just post in those threads in the Audio Forum.

Also, I'm not a flash artist, so I wouldn't be able to make any flash for my music, but you can always use any of my music in any of your flashes if you like, in the menu, credits, or where ever you want. =)

This gets a 5 from me man, keep flashing and keep audio'ing.

tricolor responds:

My man, DjKirizzle! Ight, i'll take that into account. I'll email u next time. I think my next flash might feature some of ur music.. so get siked.

Music = Color Music = Color

Rated 4 / 5 stars

What an ingenious way to self-advertise your music

I respect this flash simply because it advertises the audio portal in general, the audio portal needs some more light shined on it and I'm glad you did this even though I know that the 100 people who may have viewed this, only 5 of them actually bothered to go check out the audio portal. I myself have known about NG for 5 years, been visiting it every here and then the past 2 years and I only discovered the audio portal about 6 months ago. The flash portal practically casts it's large shadow over the audio portal and hides it from the awareness of most people on this site =/

Anyways, graphic wise and stuff, it really wasn't that bad, and since you advertised the audio portal I'll give ya a 5!

tricolor responds:

Hahha! Thanks, buddy. I didn't just want to self-advertise my music... I was advertising everyone's music on the AP.. I just thought that my song fit the end part best. I also love the flash portal, and I'm not detracting from its greatness in any way. I respect the flash portal as much as I do the audio portal, since I'm both a flash artist and an audio artist. I just think that the audio portal needs a makeover or some increased visiting.

Thanks for the review, home's. I'm lovin' ur music, btw. Make a flash movie to fit your music!


SuperPope Episode 1 SuperPope Episode 1

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I'm surprised this didn't get daily 1st, it was pretty damn good. You got a lot of your ideas from DBZ didn't you? This flash seems heavily influenced by that show, you used several moves from there and even a sample of gohan laughing =)

Nicely done either way, this gets a 5 from me.

Ingus: Episode 5 Ingus: Episode 5

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Nice work man...

I was a fan of Ingus from the beginning, as soon as you had the first episode come out I was hooked and I couldn't wait for the next, the stuff was hilarious. I like that you got a new look for Ingus and other characters, but I'm not so into the violence you had in this episode, the bigfoot episode, or the little boy Ingus episode. You are losing some of the genuine spontaneous hilarity you had in the very first and second episodes and traded it in for violence to make up for it. Naw, don't do that, that'd be like selling out... keep your your original ideas, they were innovative and interesting. A series about a retarded redneck with ADD and it's hilarious! Who'da thunk it? There's no need for beheaded people and all this bloody gore, though I gotta admit, "He's a bit tied up at the moment" and "What kind of pun is that!?" was hilarious... but it was more of a bitter sweet kinda thing for me since I got to see a bloody head.

Those are just my 2 cents...

KupaMan responds:

The violence just seemed to fit this time. I don't intend on doing a lot of ultra-gore for the sake of it. I just liked the head joke, and then I realized that Ingus would have had to have torn it off, which I then felt I should show. I don't know why I needed to, I just thought it would be funny. This isn't the last of the violence in the series, but it probably won't get much worse than what was here. The hallway blood had to be overdone for the joke to work; Ingus being totally calm, playing a gameboy, in a blood-ridden hallway that looks like it was taken from a horror movie.

The Ultimate Showdown The Ultimate Showdown

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Oh my fucking...

This truly rocked, I loved the song!

Don't Trip Don't Trip

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I enjoyed it... just one question about the song that was playing in the background, was the singer repeatedly saying, "I think I cum!" ? O.o

C&K Excellent Adventure C&K Excellent Adventure

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Best Animation EVER!

That is the best animating I have ever seen, the graphics were awesome! I wanted to vote on 12 for graphics but it only goes up to 10 =P and the sound FX were also very very good.

I'd like to see some more excellent adventures in future! ;D

At Least I'm Alive At Least I'm Alive

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Poor... box, had to get by a bus =/

Haha, that was awesome:

"Cassandra if you were a laser then you would be set to stunning."

ROFL, nicely put.